Monday, August 17, 2009

Town Brawl Meetings

Is it me...or has any one else noticed that some of the misinformation that is being put out there about the Presidents health care initiative are some of the exact same problems that anyone who currently has an HMO go through on a regular basis?

Doesn't the fact that (under the HMO system) your primary care physician is not considered well enough informed to send you for additional testing or procedures fall in to the "rationing of services" category?

And the "we can't cover your pre-existing condition" aspect of current policies, certainly sounds a lot like "death panel" speak to me. Especially when that "condition" is life threatening.

It would seem like these misguided fools who keep showing up in hysterics at the town hall meetings on the subject are saying: "we are ok with this kind of abuse and long as it's being done in the name of capitalism and we can pay top dollar for it, out of our own pockets."

Talk about a bunch of lemmings! Do they even listen to themselves, when they speak?